Briana Bainbridge
La Niña MuerteNorman rides a peacockMini calavera 2013mini painting 2013mini painting 2013mini twins 2013Baby muerte in blackmini memento mori - white rosesmini memento mori - black rosesMemento Mori - mini twins Santa Muerte of the MoonTracy's portraitSanta Muerte as an allegory of springMini Santa Muerte in white on turquoise baby skeleton riding white peacockMemento Mori
TwinsDebonaire Norman.sophisticated normanNorman and Peacock friend on greenMemento Mori
number 3mini norman study on blue laceminiature portrait of Norman on purple. Norman with peacock friendMemento Mori
white rosesMemento Mori 
Nouveau MuerteSanta Muerte in red Santa Muerte in white and turquoise enlightened normanhave you seen my feathers?Santa Muerte in PurpleNorman with moth friendSanta Muerte in whiteportrait of normanNorman rides a peacockSanta Muerte and Childsanta muerte in rednorman king of the worldAlien fetus has a present for youmini fetus friendsSmiley normanSanta Muerte PietaDaniuntitledself portrait in mosaic framegirl with fetus skullSleeping Norman with moth wingswisteriaguadalupe de los muertos santa muerteskeleton madonna  2 detailskeleton madonna 2siamese fetal skeletonsBlueberriespecansskellemunnyEnchanted Forest, Maryland.Skeleton Madonna 1
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